Graphic / Web Designer Lethbridge Alberta
Hi! I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ve created and maintain this website because these are the things I like to do in my spare time. (I know. Weirdo, big nerd, etc. Got it.) I also like filling my online shopping cart with crap I can’t afford, making pizzas, and sleeping. I spend many, many minutes with my husband and our two sons… we leave a trail of Hot Wheels cars and gross jokes in our wake.

Vanderhart Design is a brand styling, marketing, and web design boutique located in Lethbridge, Alberta. I’m Doreen and (despite the granny name) I don’t know how I’m old enough to have a solid fifteen years’ experience in graphic design. But somehow, I do. I have a huge soft spot for helping wedding industry professionals build their brand over time.

Inside out design is my jam. Fresh, lively visuals are essential, yes – but when they’re paired with strategies about how your visual brand can impact and influence your business? That’s when the magic happens. Design isn’t just the way it looks – it’s the way it WORKS.

You should feel a joyful little burst of pride every time you pass on your business card – and I’m here to help you make that happen. Free up your time to focus on what actually matters to you, and leave the graphic design worries to me. Attract the right folks, make your business look legit, and get those dollar bills into your pockets.

I want you to be taken seriously. I want premium clients on a waiting list to work with you, because you’re just so dang legit and talented. I want your business presence to reflect your perfect mix of sass, professionalism, and confidence. Are you still reading? We must be on the same page… which means I love you already.