08 Jul, 2016

Web Hosting & Domain Names, Explained

Lethbridge, Alberta Website Design

Starting your own business often means that you’re wearing every single hat – you create, you plan, you ship, you market, you take care of the finances, and you’re the entire customer service department. That’s a lot of stuff to know and DO… no wonder it’s overwhelming at times! (I...

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The Secret to a Better Black & White Photo

If I had to choose which one I love more – graphic design or photography – well, I think ultimately I’d say graphic design, but photography is a very close second. I average about 4,000 personal photos per year, I adore second shooting weddings, and my photography Pinterest board sees...

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Pair Fonts Like a Pro

I’m the first to admit that I’m a total font junkie… as I’m sure many of you are, too. It’s hard not to get sucked in! The reason that fonts are so much fun is because they’re full of personality – fun, fancy, stuffy, or playful. But design is...

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29 Jan, 2016

How to Define a Cohesive Style for Your Biz

When you look at your website, social media engagements, and print ads, do they all look like pieces of the same puzzle? Or is it a little haphazard? If it looks a bit thrown together, you can fix it – and the first step is to craft style guide. Having a...

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4 Places to Score Free Photos for Your Posts

I’m pretty particular when it comes to my stock photos. The ones that look “stock-y”, I hate. Finding a photo with a girl licking a cactus or a man with a pineapple head is far easier than it should be. Bleeegggghhhh. WHY ARE THOSE REAL THINGS!! And why are...

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