How to Infuse Your Writing With Personality

Infuse your writing with personality... my foolproof method for stuffing blog posts with juicy, delicious you-ness that nobody can replicate!

When you pull up a blank screen and sit down to start producing content, do you run stuck? Can’t get started? Can’t get past the intro? Can’t even draft an intro? Maybe, when you do start, you want to sound smart. (Of course you do!) So, your words start...

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How to Define Your Ideal Customer (In Real Life)

How to find your target audience... an easy, real-life guide!

If there’s one thing that this world has enough of, it is articles about how to define your ideal customer. But I’m writing another one, because so many of them are… ahem.. *cough*… well, bullshit. Do you really need to know the ideal age of your customer? What if the range is...

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How to Get Rockin’ Client Testimonials

 Contrary to popular belief, your brand is not what you tell your clients it is – it’s what they tell each other it is. Social proof is everything, especially in these days of global accessibility and social media. Good testimonials will make or break your conversions. Of course, not just any testimonial will do....

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5 Ways to Craft an Experience Your Clients Will Remember

When it comes to defining your brand, you want to create something that’s memorable – and with every one of the five senses that you engage in your process, your likelihood of a “sticky” brand increases. Each of your five senses triggers emotion in a different way. I just wrote...

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How to Guarantee Loyal Customers

I said a little bit about this on Instagram last week, but I’d like to expand a little bit about how to delight your customers… and keep them coming back for more! First off, you don’t need to be competing on price – knock their socks off with spectacular service...

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