05 Oct, 2016

Five Ways YOU Can Work With a Graphic Designer

Lethbridge Web Design | Doreen Vanderhart

Is bad design costing your business? There's one simple solution to increase engagement, boost your sales, and attract higher paying clients.My husband is a carpenter and he likes things done… well, properly. Drives me nuts. Imagine his horror when I first suggested hanging a picture frame on a thumbtack. (It actually works, by the way. You don’t get giant holes in your wall.)

But when it was time to hang a giant painting in our living room, I enlisted his help. He busted out the stud finder, a level, and a ridiculously sized Proper Carpenter Hammer. It took ages to get that painting hung, but it is SOLID.

I would’ve just eyeballed it, thrown in a couple of extra tacks, and called it a day.

I am willing to bet it would’ve come crashing down more than once by now.

Here’s the thing. I’m (obviously) not a carpenter.

If it weren’t for my husband, there’s zero chance that I’d have a stud finder OR a level in my garage. Even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to do with them.

Although… I could figure it out. We have YouTube. I’m not a total idiot.

With the information we have at our disposal, anyone can do anything they put their minds to. But do I WANT to sink my time into that corner of the Internet? To be frank… nopey nopey nope. Not. At. All.

Point is, sometimes when you need a job done right – even if it’s a simple one – sometimes it’s better to leave it to the pros. It saves SO much time and frustration to get things done well the first time.

Do you know what I *have* sunk hours upon hours (upon days and weeks and YEARS) of my life into? Learning the ins & outs of Photoshop. And InDesign. And Illustrator. Reading about typography. Studying code. Reading about SEO. Learning about colour theory. And design trends. Geeking out about marketing experiments.

I LOVE this stuff. When we work together, you get to rent my big nerd brain to help YOU with your business. Two heads are better than one! Here are a few ways that I love to work with my clients.

1 | Branding & website design

Okay, I’ll just get the big, fun guns out of the way first. Chances are, this is the first stuff you think of when someone says “graphic design”. Being cohesive, clean, and professional is crucial for gaining trust with your audience. *You can play with the big kids too.*

According to Adobe, 38% of your audience will stop engaging with your website if it’s ugly. (Um, guilty! Party of one!) Over NINETY PERCENT of a user’s first impressions come from design, not content.

2 | Branded marketing collateral

Typically, the designer who creates your brand also creates branded business cards and stationery. Consistency through your business visuals – both print and digital – will make you look about a million times more legit.

A strong, clear visual identity helps your brand stand out among competitors.

3 | Sales guides / catalogs / lookbooks

Whether you’re a photographer, event planner, or shop owner, chances are could use a sales guide, catalog, or lookbook. Hire a designer to showcase your product in a way that does your talent justice.

Visual impressions are everything. Amateur design makes your entire business + brand look less than professional.

3 | Social media images & ad campaigns

Sometimes you’ll need branded social media images to run a promotion, launch a new product, host a giveaway, etc. Hiring a designer ensures that you’ll have an top quality image in the right resolution, the right specs, the right format – with zero fuss.

Sure, you can google “how to size images for Facebook ads” at 2am… but why?!

4 | Content marketing

It’s all the rage right now. (Can I say that without sounding really… 1985?) If you want to offer an e-book, guide, or checklist – a designer is a super valuable add to your team! It’s important to lay out your content in a way that’s visual and easy to understand. Don’t send out a Word doc – do an impeccable job on your content marketing, and you’ll see big returns.

5 | Packaging / labels

If you’re a shop owner, having a designer create packaging for your product will take it to levels beyond. Keep it on trend and make it gift-worthy… instead of straight up homemade. People LOVE this stuff.

Bonus: professional packaging and photography means you’re in good shape to DOUBLE your prices. Yes, for real.

But what if it’s super expensive? What if I don’t like the results? How do I even know whether or not a design is good?

I work one-one-one with my clients on a long term basis, and I can tell you three things for sure:

1 | “Since working with you last year, my sales have OVER doubled. SO WORTH IT.” (Jackie, Lethbridge Alberta, 2015)

2 | I can’t stop, don’t stop, won’t stop, until we’re both 100% satisfied with the results.

3 | The results speak for themselves. I take great pride in working from the inside out to blend strategy + design, which means that you’ll see more engagement, more leads, and more sales.

I’m resourceful. I know stuff. And I’m in your corner.

I am always happy to brainstorm ideas and talk shop. As a small business owner, sometimes it’s just nice to have a set of listening ears that give a crap about the same stuff you do, amiright?


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