21 Oct, 2016

Getting Started With SEO

So… you do a Thing. And you know there are humans out there who are happy to pay you to do the Thing. They’re hopping online to find businesses like yours – but can they find YOU? (That, in a nutshell, is SEO.) Showing up in search engines is...

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05 Oct, 2016

Five Ways YOU Can Work With a Graphic Designer

Lethbridge Web Design | Doreen Vanderhart

My husband is a carpenter and he likes things done… well, properly. Drives me nuts. Imagine his horror when I first suggested hanging a picture frame on a thumbtack. (It actually works, by the way. You don’t get giant holes in your wall.) But when it was time to hang a giant...

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How to Infuse Your Writing With Personality

Infuse your writing with personality... my foolproof method for stuffing blog posts with juicy, delicious you-ness that nobody can replicate!

When you pull up a blank screen and sit down to start producing content, do you run stuck? Can’t get started? Can’t get past the intro? Can’t even draft an intro? Maybe, when you do start, you want to sound smart. (Of course you do!) So, your words start...

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3 Quick Productivity Tips

So many of us are balancing a full-time job or parenthood, plus a side hustle – here are a few tips that’ll help you hit maximum productivity in the hours that you do have! I have been SCRAMBLING the last few months, but here’s hoping I finally have a (sort of)...

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08 Jul, 2016

Web Hosting & Domain Names, Explained

Lethbridge, Alberta Website Design

Starting your own business often means that you’re wearing every single hat – you create, you plan, you ship, you market, you take care of the finances, and you’re the entire customer service department. That’s a lot of stuff to know and DO… no wonder it’s overwhelming at times! (I...

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