How to Define Your Ideal Customer (In Real Life)

How to find your target audience... an easy, real-life guide!

If there’s one thing that this world has enough of, it is articles about how to define your ideal customer. But I’m writing another one, because so many of them are… ahem.. *cough*… well, bullshit. Do you really need to know the ideal age of your customer? What if the range is...

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Tech Style: One Thing at a Time

“One thing at a time.” Go all in. Be all there. I need to hear this so badly right now… maybe you do, too. I’ve had a hard, nervous knot of energy in my belly for… maybe a week? We are making some big personal changes this year (or,...

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How to Get Rockin’ Client Testimonials

 Contrary to popular belief, your brand is not what you tell your clients it is – it’s what they tell each other it is. Social proof is everything, especially in these days of global accessibility and social media. Good testimonials will make or break your conversions. Of course, not just any testimonial will do....

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09 May, 2016

Weekly Planner Printable

Hi, friends! I’m just popping in with The Quickest Post of All Time so you guys can get this sweet little planner onto your desks! Download & print away… let’s rock this week! What are you waiting for? Grab it here!

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5 Ways to Craft an Experience Your Clients Will Remember

When it comes to defining your brand, you want to create something that’s memorable – and with every one of the five senses that you engage in your process, your likelihood of a “sticky” brand increases. Each of your five senses triggers emotion in a different way. I just wrote...

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