Custom Design & Marketing

Life is busy. Being a great friend, sleep-deprived mama, domestic goddess, busy student, and all around super woman can be exhausting. When you add in a full time job or nap time hustle, things can get a little crazy.

That’s where I come in.

I offer full custom design services including digital ad campaigns, social media graphics, media packs, business cards… you name it. Attract the right folks, make your business look legit, and position yourself as a pro worth giving dollars to.

This is for you if…

• You’d like to leverage your products to more high end clients.

• You’re spending a lot of time trying to create professional marketing materials, but your designs fall flat.

• The appearance of your business doesn’t match up with the quality of product or service you offer.

• You find yourself second-guessing your decisions & questioning where you should be focusing your time.

• You would like to up your audience engagement and be more visible in a saturated marketplace.

How It Works


Once you’ve made your initial deposit to reserve your start date, I send off your client homework. This will help me get to know your business and give us a boost of clarity & confidence around your business goals.


It’s super important to make sure that we’re on the same page visually, so I’ll have you come up with a Pinterest board full of colours, textures, and ideas that make your heart beat a little faster.


As soon as we hit your official start date, we sit down for a quick brainstorming session. There’s nothing like a good chat over the phone (or in person if you’re local!) to really get those gears turning. We’ll come up with a solid, actionable marketing plan to level up your business.


We screen share and chat on a regular basis throughout the design process to minimize confusion and make communication super easy for both of us. I’ll dig in and do as much tweaking an pixel pushing as necessary to make sure that we’re both 100% happy!

“My sales are OVER DOUBLE what they were before I started working with you. I can’t wait to see what happens next year!” (Jackie, Lethbridge Alberta)

Design Solutions

If you’re looking to grow your business, bring in more (dreamy) leads, and increase your bottom line… I’m your girl.  Custom design & marketing packages are tailored to individual clients and their unique needs.

Looking for specifics? Here are a few things I can help you with:

• Graphic design – brand collateral as well as print & digital marketing materials
• E-mail marketing
• Social media strategy, graphics, and posting
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• Pixel pushing / website maintenance

Past work: to your right! (or if you’re on mobile, below) I also occasionally post projects to Instagram.

Design & marketing packages are tailored to individual clients and their unique needs.
If you’re curious about working with me, I’d be happy to chat!