Website Design

You can put all the time in the world into social media marketing, but it will fail if you don’t have a streamlined website to reel in conversions. Attract the right folks, make your business look legit, and position yourself as a pro worth giving dollars to.

We always start by digging in to your business goals and brand vision, and I translate them into a clear visual message that speaks right to your audience.

I design all websites using WordPress – which means that even after I’m finished, your website will be super easy to use and update on your own! I create custom branded websites based on premium template design.

Featured examples: StandOut Photography | Plate Up Food & Events

Lethbridge Website Design
This is for you if…

• You don’t have a website or your site is stagnant and doesn’t convert browsers to buyers.

• The appearance of your business doesn’t match up with the quality of product or service you offer.

• You’d like to leverage your brand to a higher end audience.

• You have a clear vision and focus for your business, but aren’t sure how to take it to the next level.

How It Works


Once you’ve made your initial deposit to reserve your start date, I send off your client homework. This will help me get to know your business and give us a boost of clarity & confidence around your business goals.


It’s super important to make sure that we’re on the same page visually, so I’ll have you come up with a Pinterest board full of colours, textures, and ideas that make your heart beat a little faster.


I map out and shape your content to ensure that your layout is simple and intuitive. Then I add in all the visual elements of your brand. We chat and screen-share throughout the process to minimize confusion and make communication super easy for both of us. I’ll tweak as much as necessary to ensure that we’re both 100% happy.


Once you’re completely satisfied and your tab is paid, I’ll package up and release all of your files – and then we celebrate your launch!

“Right from the first meeting, I knew that Doreen would be very thorough and nothing would be “half-assed.” I was right. Totally worth it. I’ve had loads of inquiries and lots of great feedback!” (Irena Barr, Burlington, VT)

What's Included

• Comprehensive questionnaires for your brand, client experience, and website

• Easy to use website back-end, with blog and social media integration

• Responsive design that works on any device – from big screen to mobile

• Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a quick crash course to keep your site ranking high on Google

$900-$2000 (CAD)

Craft an intentional, effective Instagram feed in one afternoon. FREE WORKBOOK! I use this workbook myself and it was THE crucial step that helped me tiptoe across the starting line.

Ready to get started?